February 3, 2008


The idea for this column in my blog copied from my friend at Parking Lot. Esentially I dish out neat things I find out in the internet. There are a few links, idea's, video's, or whatevers, that don't need a long blog post about, but still worth checking out. It will show up ever so often when I gather enough cool links, projects, or anythings.

  • Goodreads - Books are one of my favorite things in the world. I like books. I like people who like books. I like people who like to talk about books. Thus, I joined this right away. I'm here, so send me a friend request and we can talk books.

  • Joesgoals - I'm not huge on goals, except small tiny measurable goals. I'm working on a lifestyle change in diet, sleep pattern, food intake cycle, and a few other things. I just picked up a book to monitor all of this so I can adjust or radicalize what needs to be done. I figure that "exercise" and "diet" shouldn't be look at just that. It's a lot better to look at it as a "lifestyle change", since that's what it is.

  • wikiHow - As some of you may know, I'm a huge contributor on wikiepdia with Indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast. I also cruise other wiki sites. This one, is quite fund. Lots of cool information and good resource if you ever need it.

  • Pickel2Life - Literally the best thing that has helped me since I became a digital artist. I only know a little, and learning more, but this site is so damn cool for tutorials.

  • Foot Cred - Just a cool video that's inspiring me to do something similar but about my people.

  • Frozen Grand Central - I'm definitely inspired. This might actually go somewhere. ;)

  • Unschooling @ Myspace - Myspace is sooooo 2006. But this site has a lot of good resources, on the net!

  • Tame Iti and the Tuhoe Nation - The Kanienkehaka of Aotearoa? Watch the video at the end. (If only we greeted the Queen/Prime Minister/Arnold Swazineggar/Govornor General/etc. like that when they trespassed in my peoples land.

  • i dyslexia heart - I just found out I'm part dyslexic. Does anyone have a pill so cure it? Oh, maybe I caught it from my dyslexic friend? (I'm kidding for those who don't know). Yeah so, I'm a little dyslexic. I always wondered why I my spelling was so funny looking.
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