February 3, 2008

Desolation Feels Like This

I just finished creating this. Going through the history, understanding the work my great grandfather took on, and other contexts of our current situation has me feeling a lot helpless. This is what our ancestors envisioned? A bunch of Suits fighting through litigation? I'm deeply depressed to see that our strongest political leaders today as so damn myopic about our current status and the needs/crisis of our peoples. FNS, UBIC, AFN, what ever. No one of them, nor the individuals involved, inspire anything but to simply become assimilated. A screeching song coming from yonder only to be drowned out by...what, another screeching voice mimicking the original.

No, I'm tired of this bullshit. It's time we bring out the drums to beat down the doors of extinguish and halls of assimilation.


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