February 6, 2008

Turn This Off

I've been meaning to get to this.

I have to say, the US presidential nominations and such are crazy. I think I'm too young to remember, but I don't think Canadian politics, or the world perhaps, has been so interested in it. Maybe the world is sick of the Bush Administration.

Now, I have to say it's a colossal waste of time. Kind of like other T.V shows that distracts us from what really matters. I'm speaking as a non-American and as an indigenous. My mentor said to me, he's gone into schools, taught classes with young people, and he always asks them, give up one of your favorite T.V shows. If it's an hour or a half hour, I don't care. And instead of watching that, go visit an elder, and just listen.

He said no one has ever done this.

Neither have I.

But something is so damn interesting about the US politics. Is it because it feels like another melo-dram with pregnant 26 years playing 15 year olds? I think it's the specially designed locations, images, and I will say "designed" politicians. Now no one in my family knows politics. Non of my friends my age know of politics. They know a White woman or Black man might be president. But an interesting generation of my family believe America would never allow a Black man to become president. I honestly have a shred of hope that this may be different, but, I don't know America. (This I'm glad with).

I will also say America has one of the weirdest electoral systems. It's become so twisted and manipulated. I think it may of worked with their "Founding Fathers", but it's just bizzare now. Voting does not always equal democracy, and totalitarianism does not always equal dictators.

So I've been watching, CNN, CBC, Wikinews, etc. on the campaign. I've also looked up the Democratic nominee's political positions. I agree with Universial Health Care (1 point Clinton). I agree with Obama's Enviroment policies (mostly). And I could go back and forth. I don't agree with a giant fence Obama' supports building on the US-Mexico board, but I also believe that Clinton as President will bring the world back to Thatcher days. I also don't trust her. I swear she has a pair of Thatchers (balls). But that's just me.

Why does any of this matter? Well quite frankly it doesn't. It's amazing how much useless information we gather. Let alone the opinions we make from those useless information. But I say this because in all realness, I want to make the point that this all doesn't matter. I don't think it even matters to American's. Too much tells me America is going further downhill into a crashing empire. There is so many levels of control at play, it's kind of hard to trust this political system. And voting, in the US, in Canada, in almost everywhere in the world, does not work. It's a inadequate system to represent the interests of the people.

The voice of the government is rarely the voice of the people.

Except everything in America is hyper-intense. A Obama presidency would be drastically different from a Clinton presidency. A democratic presidency would be majorly different from a republican one. What's crazy is the Democrats and Republics are nearly the same thing. But hyper-intensity would dictate the different.

My word of advice for myself (and to anyone else who wastes their time with this sh#@), go turn off CNN and all channels of Presidential nomination primaries, and talk to the elders instead. You'll learn more valuable information, and it will create a bigger change in your life, and your community.

(This advice also goes when Band Council elections come up!)


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