December 31, 2008

A bunch of unrelated bits...

Some tidbits, most of which are unrelated, but still enjoyable for your viewing and reading pleasure.

  • Diary of a Self-Help Dropout: Flirting With the 4-Hour Workweek by Chris Hardwick (Blog: at For a proud high-school drop out who's been on vacation for, hh I don't know, 4 years now-- this blog made me laugh and remind me, "Hey, I'm a freelancer too, and that's okay". Next thing to add to the "List of Things I Procrastinate On": Figuring out all my talents and which can make me money.
  • Advertising from Australia to do what? Oh yeah! ATTACK NEW ZEALAND. Ah, I hope the place I've been dreaming of visiting since I realized other cultures around the world exist isn't colonized by the Aussies. Very funny ad.
  • I have taken an interest in photography. Especially with the purchase of a Nikon D90(Phenomenal camera). It's a DSLR camera with 760HD video camera abilities also. It's amazing, I love it. To prove it's amazing, check out this video, and these photo's. My Flickr profile is also here, although it's quite bare right now. (Looking for people, things, and places to photograph so hit me up if you have idea's.)
  • I finished Peace, Power, Righteousness: An Indigenous Manifesto by Taiaiake Alfred. Review to come soon, but in the mean time, I strongly recommend this to all indigenous folks who want some inspiration for creating change in your community or being an indigenous leader in the 21st century. Both will have deep questions and answers in the book.
  • The Squamish Nation wants to be a partner in building a casino in our community of St'a7mes. What do you think my thoughts on this are? I created a facebook group to organize with my community for the upcoming leasing approval votes. More on this soon!
  • Dave Pollard, whom I met this past summer at the art of hosting retreat on Bowen Island (I will read your book soon Dave!) through Chris Corrigan, wrote this wonderful three part piece, well, about the good stuff. Not Going To Happen is about, well, sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. In reality, it reminded me that I focus on other folks faults too much, and this makes it hard for me to love them. Ha! Isn't that an insight! It's really about relationships, the limiting beliefs we tell ourselves about relationships, and what life could be about should we choose to change our glassess. Read it: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3. For all my young friends especially: please read it!
  • Israel has been trying to exterminate the Palestinian people for 60 years now. They launched another massive strike this past week. Come out to the Vancouver Rally for Gaza and say no to this war.
  • Stickhandling his way through aboriginal politics says Globe and Mail about Squamish Nation collaborator Tewanee Joseph. Go ahead, read some garbage propaganda about the myth of Aboriginal participation in the 2010 Olympics and I'll reveal the reality in due time.

That should be good for all. If you went through all my links, you are a dear friend and deserve something in return. As for the rest of you, get back to being on "Winter Vacation", I know I ain't. 2 Years Vacation, going on 3. Back to work starting tomorrow for me.
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