December 25, 2008

Ian on Consumerism and it's Effects

Around the time I posted this, joined a facebook group called "People Against Christmas Inc.". Earlier today the groups creator message this to the group. I couldn't agree more.

Happy Sol Invictus Everyone! lol


To members of People Against Christmas Inc.

One of the challenges (and sources for learning) of being a human being is the understanding that we are all connected in some way. During this period of what is termed Christmas in the European tradition I have seen much dischord and fragmenting of our understanding of being connected. From the degeneration of our ties, we come to fill the niche with external sources and of course, this is at great profit for the ones who own the majority of wealth and power.

"With power comes reponsibility" is an often repeated axiom which bears little resemblance to accepted practices of retail and consumerist philosophy. In the interest of providing a forum for my resistance to being led further from the communal well-being of myself and my fellow beings, I began this group and invited many to join. It has been a welcome sight to check on this page and see the contributions of our perspectives on what this time of year is truly about.

I personally believe that we have changed our yearly cycle at the Winter Solstice and have already begun our journey back to the days of light and growth and renewal. I cannot think of any better way to celebrate this return than by spending time with family and friends to remember our past, dream our future, and share our present (not so much presents) as we reforge the ties between us. I extend this sentiment to all in the hopes that we discover how we are interconnected.

Be Well,



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