March 30, 2008


  • Watch French Street artist C215, Christian Guémy, bombs London with over 30 different stencils in as many hours. Very cool video on stencil and street art. Something about the street art movement I find so attractive. I compare it to finding a beautiful indigenous woman who's into her culture, loves her land, and wants an end to colonialism (We radical native dudes wish! What I mean is, in term of the art world, non-indigenous or indigenous, on the mainstream it can be quite pathetic. I find a lot of the values within the street art movement to be a easy step away from the natural response of art of the indigenous peoples in the Pacific Northwest. Except colonial grabbed it by the jugular and now you have galleries galor between Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle. So I can't help but be attractive to the idea of art for the people, not for the money.
  • Raj Patel is a London-born Indian activist, author, and academic. He's a pretty cool guy. I first seen and heard about him from one of my favorite TV-shows, The Hour (Viewable here). His writing and activism has been around food sovereignty, globalization, and "glrobal facism".
  • I can't believe it took me this long, but I finally joined and understand My page is here. I knew my friend Chris Corrigan used it, but it took this video to make me move. I'm glad I found it because I was getting swamped in links.
  • Wiki's in Plain English - Video. Another great link from Chris Corrigan. He talks about "Why Wiki's Work" here. For movements, groups, communities, I completely think that wiki's are an amazing tool for collaborations. It's the heart of what the modern age of technology can bring us. Crossing geographic boundaries (I live on this side of the Province, you live on that side), it's a relatively simple tool once learned. I definitely want to learn more about creating my own wiki's so I can use this in projects I work on with other individuals.
  • Shepard Fairey, a well known street artists who crossed over into the mainstream, successfully and still remains true to his core values. Anyways, I came across some photo's for a recent art show he did (click here). His website is here.
  • is probably one of the most useful and coolest tools I've come a cross recently. It's nothing new for most of us (because if your reading a blog, I'll assume you know what youtube is.) It's a digital video sharing website, but more inline for episodic content. I will definitely be using this for a future project(s).
  • Animoto is another digital media tool useful for slideshows, photo-movies, etc. It uses online technology to mix your photo's, with music, and create a dynamic slideshow. Where as media programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker would take hours to create something like this, Animoto does it in minutes, and all you have to do is upload some photos, and some songs. For premium services, it costs. This includes unlimited access and video creation. Free 30 second clips can be made also.
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