January 22, 2008

Too Quiet

January 22st, 2008. That is the date I come back to Liberated Yet? My friends and readers will no doubt have noticed my long absence, without reason, or warning, from this blog. I can explain myself.

The winter season has been an interesting one for me. I accomplish little of what I wanted to, except the chance to reflect. It's been a reflect and learning time, reestablishing in myself what I've learned all these years. Books, talks, stories, and people I have encountered of the time. Coming through this time of reflect, I'm not reassure and confident in my dreams. These dreams, like any good indigenous, is to help my people. The power to dream, and follow that dream, is something dear to me for many reasons. The thing that screams to me about dreams is it was something stolen from my grand parents generation. It's something that now my generation can do because of the healing done by previous generation. Something about doing things for people you haven't met yet, who won't might not know the change you created for them.

Like a rock in a lake, some ripples even the rock thrower won't see.

So, I took an absences from blogging for a reason. I was developing the blog more. Some of you may of noticed the site being down, or messages coming up on the screen. I'm moving into web design and development and acted quite hastily in decision making with that. I'm hoping to move forward with www.liberatedyet.com, along with another idea I'm starting, www.projectdmedia.com.

A lot has been going on, in my head, in my nation, and in the world. We are coming close to the 2 year countdown to the 2010 Circus. I hope to write more in this area of the 2010 Olympics. It's on my peoples land, it's subjugating my peoples inherent rights, and it's codifying my culture. And not, this it not the White Man doing this. But well intentioned colonized individuals from my nation. Relatives, close relatives even. All apart of colonization me thinks. In the end, if the 2010 Machine must come storming through, we must work toward what might be the worst of it. Some can profit, emotionally or financially from the Olympics, but I hope to protect that which is sacred to me. My land, my rights, and my culture. Future generations must know that it was all happy go lucky about the Olympics. That the Band Council government did not, and does not, work with the people. And that only a specific elite actually benefited for it. They must also know that when everyone wakes up and realizes the mistake of the Olympics in 2011, we will be prepared to restore what was lost; our identity.

In other worlds, it's still unrelenting the ignorance around the School system. This has become a big priority and passion of mine. I'm looking at how I can work around this, and maybe even subvert this. Something alternative maybe?

Healthiness does not stop when you stop being an alcoholic or doing hard drugs. It also includes eating healthy and, if possible, think healthily. Water helps with this. But so does bringing communities together. Has a community garden ever brought a village together? Then we are going to do multiple gardens!

Story telling inspires people. It elevates the magic of our minds to creative solutions, choices, or beautiful things that reminds is about the beauty of this world. I enjoy stories and enjoy story telling. What more is, I think it's about time my people tell our stories. And not to appease rich white folk, but for our people. Let's see what stories we can tell. Perhaps, I will see what stories I can tell.

They say, "We will share our culture with the world". Enough of that now. Let's share our culture with our people. The pervasive cultural elite want to dominate the knowledge in order to control the masses. It is the right of all Skwxwu7mesh to learn our culture. It is then our responsibility to do that with respect and care. Then let's start learning, reviving and sharing what makes us, us. More to come in the summer.

Music can move mountains. Enough said.

I am here, searching for a form of expression. I intend to hone my abilities and cultivate my talents. So join me for the next year as I do what some have never done, some haven't done in a long time, and do what has already been done. 2008 is the year that was not like the rest.

Because we were not quiet anymore.
by Rivers on Tuesday, January 22, 2008 |


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