January 29, 2008

Manifest of Reflection

Over the holidays, I really went through my dreams and aspirations. This led me to reflect on the past, but more on the future. A did mention I would be blogging more, but somehow life has crammed everything into the past two weeks. Extremely busy for me, mentally and emotionally. It's like my life is buckling at the seams, but, it feels amazing. Like seeing a storm on the horizon, what do you do? You grab your damn surf board and ride the waves, ride the waves.

With this new manifesto, to last until I need a new one, will work good as guidelines. I'm not a big goal setter with New Years Resolutions, but this will serve to remind me of what I really want, daily, weekly, and monthly. If I go along with this, a life change, I might be in a better place holistically. And once in that place, it's a even better place to decolonize and create movement.

More to follow once I've had a vacation.


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