July 1, 2007

British Columbia Treaty Process

The big colonial giant to acquire Indigenous lands in British Columbia. Some call it a response to the 1990 Oka Crisis out of the fact there are numerous outstanding land claims issues in this province. Was the Canadian state afraid of Oka happening province wide, or nation wide.

"Why should we try and prove this is our land? We know this is our land. How about (Canadians) prove why you should be allowed to stay here."
- Waxiwidi of the Namgis

Recently the Lheidli Tenneh voted no on the treaty election for their nation. It failed a even 51% approval criteria for ratification. This isn't news to many, but it's one of the modern treaty through the BC Treaty Commission post Nisga'a Treaty in 2001. The current treaty process is a dead horse that simply needs to be shot. Some say it's 'self-government', but would be more appropriately named 'selfish-government'. I don't know where in our history would our people activity and knowingly sign away our rights, land and culture for 2-5% without thinking of the future generation's. It's Indigenous to think of ourselves not only in the present, but past and future as well. It's a cultural occurrence in many of our cultures that doesn't exist in Western society.

Next up are Tsawassen, a neighboring nation across the great river. After that we head to the west coast with the Maa-nulth, which consists of 5 bands out of the Nuu-chah-nulth. For those from these nations or in a nation currently involved in the Treaty Process, please look at the truth. Understand what it will mean.

Below is a 20 page booklet on the current state of the Treaty Process. It's some great reading for those to become more educated on this very important matter for our people.

The BC Treaty Negotiating Times
by Rivers on Sunday, July 01, 2007 |


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