July 1, 2007

Roll Call

I've felt that someone fellow bloggers needed some recognition. There are many blogs with different paradigms on issues with Indigenous, or the world in general. As one can find value in all things, it ultimately is a matter of choice if see that value. A tid-bit of wisdom I've come across is the designation of two kinds of people in the world. Digital-immigrants and digital natives. Digital immigrants are basically most over the age of 15-17. Digital-natives are the ones under this age. The youth who can't remember a time when everyone didn't have a cell phone. From a personal note, I can't remember everyone I knew having a cell phone. I grew up in a world where it was everywhere. Most of you, adults specifically can obviously remember this life without cell phones. The different can even be seen where youth just are when it comes to internet. And now more then ever, movements, young people, scholars, activists, writers, journalists and seemingly ordinary people are communicating to the world. I read a statistic (sorry I don't have a link) that 35% of Canadians read a blog regularly. It's one of the highest in the world.

Here is a list of bloggers on the net who continue to inspire or join me in the 21st century movement of communication.

- a modern movement of Indigenous coming together for a struggle among Indigenous. It refuses the neo-colonial constructs and seeks to create action and change through Indigenous principles. Starting from Taiaiake Alfred, a professor at UVic's Indigenous Governance program, through his latest book called Wasase. I recently discovered they had a blog which works amazingly in communication with easy access. Also, they linked me (this blog) on their site, which always makes me very excited.

- Kumtux is Chinook for "Knowledge." Here you will occasionally find interesting blogs from a good friend of mine. Although he's has been busy, some readers hope he will add some more content now that he's on his summer break. Look through previous articles with issues relating to Indigenous (of course).

- Intelligentaindigena Media comes from an extraordinary blogger posting on news from around the world for issues dealing with oppression of any kind. He writes some amazing things on issues I, here on the West Coast, never hear about. He's really one blogger I look forward to reading.

- This blog comes from a Montreal fellow who is not Indigenous, but greatly supports Indigenous struggles, rights and history. He has some amazing swag, er', paraphernalia. He's another blogger with some great articles, news and blogs about issues I would otherwise be impervious too. I highly respect the words he shares with the word.

- This lady comes up with some the smartest thing that are so damn simple. Depending on if I understand the wit or the punchline, she makes some the best commentary of life in general that's just a breath of fresh air. This blog has inspired me many times.

- Parking Lot comes from a man I don't think I'll ever believe is an 'adult' in my mind. He lives in my people territory, but does some very cool work, and makes some amazing words on his blog. His wisdom is nice glass of cold water to really ground ones self. Great words, great man. (Also on a side note, this man is my liberator of sorts, in that he is one of the most influential people on liberating me from the High School system.)

That ends the roll call. For any readers out there that have a blog, please leave a comment and let me know. Comments are like Christmas presents under the tree for me (except comments are not products of mindless consumerism.) So I encourage readers to leave a comment. If you disagree, agree, like to add to, discuss, or just comment. Thanks to readers who keep coming back also. I'm nearing 2500 hits and the stats for this blog just keep climbing every months, which encourages me to write more and higher quality articles.

chen kwen men tumiyap.
(I am ever so grateful to you all.)
by Rivers on Sunday, July 01, 2007 |


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