July 9, 2007


Kílus is a word in my language which loosely translates to beautiful scenery. It's pronounced, "kay-loose". It also means knowledge or intelligence. Connection maybe?

This is more of a personal update. I went on a sort of vacation last week. Just returned this night. I traveled very very far to a island called Anvil Island. Unfortunately, I have not found out the name of this place in my language, although I know it exists. For 7 days I soaked in the warm weather, the salt-water breeze of the open ocean through English Bay, and the fresh water of the Squamish River. My territory is so beautiful. The only thing that took away from it was the awful construction of the Sea-to-Sky highway on the mainland.

My 'vacation' as I'm calling it was an experience. I feel freshly renewed and amazingly strengthened. I went for hikes in to the forest everyday. Meditated underneath cedar tree's like my ancestors did. And even studied my endangered language for hours and hours during the days. This is something I don't seem to have time for in the city.

But I won't go directly into my trip because there are a number of blog posts coming in the next little while about those (including pictures). Along with that there has been a lot going on in the city and back home. So with updates, news and blogs, I have some news which I'll share in the next coming weeks.

take care,
wa chap yuu stenamut,
by Rivers on Monday, July 09, 2007 |


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