January 18, 2007

Stop The Violence Movement

Stop The Violence movement is this event, this front, this action that started with the spirits of committed individuals, who started what is turning into something big. Beginning in the Nuu-chan-nutlhaht Nations on the west coast of Vancouver Island, it's emerging into something bigger. What originally started out as a march is now starting to expand and move to other Indigenous communities. The whole message for the march and now the movement is that of stopping the violence in the communities, in the homes, and in the peoples of our Indigenous brothers and sisters. The event seen support from many community members from all the villages they visited, opening dialogue with the people, opening freedom for an area of our communities, we all need healing and work on. I applaude the organizations and the people involved in this initiative, and it's inspirational for other committed stelmexw* from other Indigenous nations. For more visit their website at:


I would also like to note this forum that is posted on the site that happened on Dec. 1st, 2006. It's Women Against Imperialism that took place in Victoria. I highly recommend the 59 minute long dialogue and the words shared.

I applaued Na'chu'aht, Chiinuuks,
Ha'wiilt'ap and the other organizers for this. Chen kwen men tumiyap**

*translates to "human", although sometimes identified as "Indigenous".
**translates to "I am very grateful to you all".


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