January 21, 2007

their words are weapons

My personal philosophy, is that which goes till is wrong (with "wrong" being a POV). Weapons are not good or evil. Good and evil doesn't really exist. Is it negative and positive? Well, some things can be, and most things tend to be. But some things just are. With "good vs. evil", it's POV, so it's not absolutes. An cliche example would be "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter". Although these terms and not synonymous with each other, it's true. And in this day of terror (War on Terror), the manufactured consent by media, (which is orchestrated by the settler state) makes very right wing Canadian point of views. Of course the Media is assimilated Indigenous people.

While I'm not sure it all is, I do believe there are people in big business who want to assimilate the Indigenous peoples. "Of course" it would be easy if our people became big business-minded people to conform to their "first world" model of excellence with capitalist appetite for personal success. Oppressor tactics against "the other" people of the world.

And with this time, and time being defined as the Indigenous understanding of time, that of which happens in a sequence of events, not in a systematic order of consequences, it's essential to our salvation, our survival, and our war, we permeate our lives with voices of "the other". In the antithesis of mainstream influences, decolonization is neccisary for our continual exsistance as Indigenous (or Skwxwu7mesh-ulh, Kwakwaka'wakw, Nuu-chan-nuthaht, etc.) for humanization. (The most vital of decolonization being our native-languages)

With that, I've been filtering my life with the "other" influences. Although what I've said may be "preaching to the converted," it must be said. Some of the other has been speeches by Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz & Delegate Zero. Have not listened to them all, but I will quote highlights. I would like more from Indigenous speakers, writers, historians, intellectuals, revolutionaries, traditionalists, and others. My greatest ideal is to lace amazing music underneath these wonderful words. I guess I'll have to do that. Working at Garage Band, but still lots of room to learn. I recommend their words, and their books. But, this idea of listening to these particular men, effected me to tell all you about this. And of course, if people told more about more amazing (radical) Indigenous women speakers, I would love to hear about suggestions and recommendations.


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