January 14, 2007

Predecessor Legacy

To the sublime ancestors:
To the ancients who sacrificed:
To the predecessors who resisted, and surrenders:

The legacy of old
1, 2, 3 thousand years
forrest moving, but no sense
of cause
wind, rush

Where is the brotherhood of old
overrun by the iron of development gold
1,2,3 hundred more
forever given to the labor
breath & dead/life

prior, priority
of the assailed whole
in decimated place
the people of old

But distanter, fainter
the ancient ancestral
no drum, one hundred pounders
In the cold

In the long ago, there were ancestors. Theses ancestors differ from the rest as theses are the "ones" who fought and struggles beyond meassure of time, place or history. But it is theses gods, who wresttled with over-bearing ascendancy, they continued, and opened a path. Theses are not the survivors of schools, but the champions of a world, where humans lived. And, it is these sublime ancestors, distinct in their own, with in my/our world, they set them selves apart by the spiritual power they were bestowed on. We humanize ourselfs after theses human' beings.
by Rivers on Sunday, January 14, 2007 |
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