January 7, 2007

Communism Failed?

Communism didn't fail, it was defeated. Or more to the point, it did fail, in a way. All ideologies fail. What ideology has not failed. And what is with all this past tense, as if it was all in the past, when the past is now. Communism is failing? At this moment, it's failing? Where? Cuba? China? Vietnam? Korea? I'm not sure, haven't been. Nor do I know much about either of these countries.

But, if communism failed, and it's failing, what else is failing. It failed because it's an ideology, and ideologies failed with a dogma. But, what other ideologies are failing. The biggest one in the world now. The one who's name countries kill for. The one who's saints are sent to every corn in the world, to defy it's sins, for it's name, the one, which exists as a dream so far: democracy. Where is the democracy in South Western Mexico? Where is the democracy in the down town Eastside? Where is the democracy in my community and villages? Are our rights, as a people being respect? Is the rights of our land, being valued? Where is the democracy in the poorest places in the world, some of which exist in the richest places in the world.

I'm not sure if communism was defeated, nor do I want to find the semantics of all the linguistically, historical and pedagogical debate. (My native languages are the only language that are truly important) But, it is a strange note that so many lies can be perpetually by the myth of words. Words are weapons, hard ones. And like any weapon, it can do damage, or liberate.
by Rivers on Sunday, January 07, 2007 |


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