September 21, 2006

Not yet, but close.

High school. An institution designed in industrial times to create obedient uncreative drones. As economic system's, political systems (not much) changed, the education system changed very little. I wonder if my grand parents generation of elders thought it would come to this. A generation of confined slaves, assimilated into colonial culture. Recently I began to notice the hypocrisy of "go my son, get an education" and "learn and live your culture". Please wise leaders, tell us something a little more contradictory for our already heavy shoulders.

After my recent awakening, I began to learn and understand where my frustration came from. With years of 'failure' and being 'unsuccessful', I built up a series of tapes about school.

I'm not good enough.

They are way better then me.

I'm stupid.

I'll never truly succeed in life.

Money created happiness.

My language, history, identity, and cultural survival come second.

I cannot create change.

No one believes in me.

I'm on my own, as always.

I'll never have freedom.
And the list goes on. In a system destined to create obedient militaristic job seekers, and not radical community leaders, I've fallen behind. Not because I failed the system, but because the system failed me. It failed to give me an education. It failed to produce a mindless slave. It failed to teach me how to follow my passions. It failed in so many ways, I would be many standards be a failure. And in that context, it feels fantastic.

Never would I imagine that my parents, leaders, ancestors and elder be liars. But you don't know what you don't know. All my life I've been force fed beliefs such as "Go to school. Learn their ways, then help our people. Success is measured by how much school you do. You can only learn in a colonial educational setting." But never in my wildest dream realize that they were all wrong. But, they never knew better. They we're brainwashed to believe the same thing. After 11 (going on 12) years of struggle through a system designed for failure, would I wake up the fact that it's all been a load of shit. Imagine the time wasted where I could of been doing so many things.

In my search of alternatives, and quite frankly, liberation, I came across something by a good friend called "unschooling." I'm researching right now it's promising. If my spirit is correct (and it always is), my children and future generations of my lineage will never, ever, ever have to endure or go through school. I create value out of my 12 years of brainwashing, manipulation and being a slave in the hopes that future generation's won't have to go through this. In the end, that's what all our struggles are for. A better future. A brighter day.

And if I don't die soon, hopefully I'll get a few crazy people to join me. Radical change is needed if we are to survive. There will be more on this. Update as I'm ready to. But as of now, I'm not far away from really being free (some of you might know what that means). I only ask most of you to open your mind to the fact, what you've been taught and led to believe may not work for our people, and that you may be wrong.

Please, let me know what you think of:
  • the current education system (on all levels.)
  • continual assimilation of the mind and culture
  • brainwashed ancestors and children
  • wasted time
  • waking up from illusions


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