February 19, 2009

Invitation to Conversations on the Indigenous Revolution

I would like to invite members of the indigenous peoples community to join other indigenous people activists, scholars, historians, cultural and knowledge people, and members of our community to a conversation on the indigenous revolution.

I want your deep engagement on dialoguing the “indigenous revolution”, what that is, why it is needed, what it can accomplish, and what it will potentially look like. This is a chance to dialogue on the opportunity surrounding the present and future state of indigenous cultures, societies, and nations. This is so we can come together toward identifying our potential as indigenous people and realizing untapped gifts for our peoples.

The work of this session with move the conscience effort and desire of indigenous peoples in our community to simply begin the first conversations into strengthening our ties to our ancestors, to each other, and to the work we can do for the future.

Difference of opinion do exist, but from this wealthy diversity that powerful new futures can emerge to better help our people. It is a hope to mix past experience, present realities and all our hopes and
dreams for the future into new path for our people.

Where there is agreement, we can move forward. Where there is difference we can seek understanding, common ground, and workable compromise.

None of this can happen without open, honest conversation and caring from each and every one of us.

It's time to get to work... what are the issues and opportunities for... that you care about? ...what are your ideas, questions, recommendations, concerns, needs and desires for resolution and future directions... right down to the the level of implementation?

This can happen in person, or through digital communication technology. The capacity exists for this dialogue to occur across distances and boarders.

This is an invitation to you to join in a conversation that matters.

If you are interested, contact Dustin Rivers at

or visit www.liberatedyet.blogspot.com
for updates.


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