October 7, 2007

It's Not Worth It

The Ashlu Creek Power Project is a hydroelectric project in the Ashlu Valley. It's to generate 49 megawatts of electricity, and a better, "greener" alternative to Hydro Dams that were built up until now. It's not through the publicly owned corporation BC Hydro, but through licenses given from the Liberal Provincial government to private corporations. This is the first, and by far the largest project initiative right now. The Ashlu Power Project is being done by Ledcor, a transnational corporation. It aims to divert the Ashlu River for 7km through a mountain, into the turbines, then pump the water back into the River.

This a part of a larger initiative to move all BC water power from publicly owned to privately own rivers. It's a end run around the Supreme Court decision, and aims to take indigenous land away. Once the land is handed over to the corporations, Aboriginal title is gone. Corrupt band politicians think they can create "economic development" and "job training" with these "opportunities". They trade money in this generation for the irreversible damage done to the land. I recently had the opportunity to travel to my territory, a xay temixw (sacred land) or Wild Spirit place, called the Ashlu Valley.

1% revenue they claim is worth it.
7km of land destroyed is worth it

Stay tuned for more...


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