October 12, 2007

515 Years of Resistance

515 years ago, Christopher Columbus ran into a bit of trouble, got lost, and hit the America's. On this day five-hundred-and-fifteen years ago, the invasion began to colonize a rich and bountful, land, culture, and wealth.

I can't say much more, but give praise to the multiple struggles occurring around the America's on this day. From Venezuela, where the nation-state officially recognizes this day of Day of Indigenous Resistance, to Colorado with the Anti-Columbus Day March.

I am busy running around the city these past few days, working, meeting, building (something). Idea's are coming, and I have a lot to come soon for Liberated Yet? and you, my readers. As well as projects to protect, cultivate, and empower what is most important to me and us.

with respect,


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