April 7, 2007

About Me

nilh kwens OldManRivers nina7min sna. chent xway nat tla xwemelchstn uxwumixw. ten ens Skwxwu7mesh i Kwakwaka'wakw stelmexw.

OldManRivers is a autonomous ordinary group of punksters and kids. Born out of the frustration of politician style change, it lashed onto the scene from 1989 to present. Like many such kids, between them they eventually concluded that their own attempts to imitate what had been before them could be construed as a worthy variation on the many forms that preceded. They do the things that require to conform, and resist the rest. Both through the latent talent of surrender and resistance, it is something that they still learn about, while still figuring out their own damn identity.

Raw 'Old Man'

I figured something should actually be written about me.

I am a young person living in my home city of Vancouver. Vancouver is on unceeded Sḵwxwú7mesh land. We are Indigenous of this land. We come from this land, always have, and always will. I believe protecting the land from evil-doers. I believe in the faith of my ancestors, and the gods of my peoples. I believe in good governance, with representative nobility, and respected and humble leaders. I want a future where our children grow up with the culture, and not have to worry about learning it. I hope for a future where my people will fight and protect it's sovereignty, over the people, over the villages, over the land, over the beliefs, of everything that makes us, Sḵwxwú7mesh. I am working towards decolonizing myself, because change really starts with me, even though making it about me, is very individualistic, something my people, never really were, nor are we really now.

I am against the 2010 Olympic Games in Canada because it's the justification of 200 years of colonization over my people. It's a justification for Canada's horrible history of human rights violations and continual rejection of Indigenous rights. It's a massive sell out for money and individualistic capitalism ideals, which, are narrow-minded, greedy and selfish. It's selfish because we're only caring about ourselves in this time, not the future generations who will ask, "Why can't I hunt there?", and I'll before to say, "Because these politcian's/chiefs wanted to build in the name of economic development and "progress." Our children must know that some resisted, and others collaborated. No Olympics on Stolen Land.

The Indian Act should be abolished, along with reserves, band councils, band offices, politicians, and "Treaty Process." It's all to oppress Indigenous and keep the slave master, master. Any resistance will be met with the strong arm of the Canadian Forces and the Police/RCMP. I feel sad and angry when I meet or hear of an Indigenous in the Canadian forces (or any military), and not a defender of their own people, but defenders of a nation that wants to be rid of their own people. The BC Treaty Process is a big way to sell stolen and hope it never ever goes through with any nation.

I don't align with any one ideology, but ideologies are doomed to fail them selves, no matter what.

I believe we are not equal, my people and Canadians; Indigenous and Settler. We have our own rights, with our own histories, with our own people. I think organizations such are the AFN, the First Nation's Summit, (boys clubs) and such are colonial fed and bred organization's who eat from the master's hand. We cannot break down the masters house with the masters tools. I despise politicians, and love leaders. I hate America, imperialism, and corporations. I am flawed. I make mistakes. I can be wrong. I have love for people, especially people who love. I think things were pretty darn good before the White man came, but that's in the past, and I enjoy the future. I like to read, because it makes me smart. I like to meet because it makes me wise. I like to live, but that's what kexe7nek siyam gave me. My purpose involved a way of life, our way of life, the noble way of life. The restoring of that way of life. Part of that life is resistances. Indigenous resistance. I believe in people over money, justice over law, and spirituality over religion.

OMR is unschooling.
OMR is learning.
OMR is decolonizing.
OMR is living.
OMR is Indigenous.
OMR is not really that old.
OMR is 17 years old (Born 1989)

(This was made and published for OldManRivers myspace page, and this site. myspace.com/salishrivers
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