March 31, 2007

10 Years of Redwire Magazine

Redwire Magazine is a non-profit, native youth run, and native youth written magazine, distributed international, based in Vancouver, BC. For 10 years Redwire has been offering uncesored youth expression. Although I have not been inolved with Redwire for 10, (more like 1 year for me), it's a monumental achievement point for a pioneer in Indigenous media. Taking a stand on tough topics, and creating change in peoples lives, this magazine still works for native youth, and by native youth.

This past Sunday, we celebrated our 10 Years of Redwire. We had a great turn out, and great performers. We wanted a youth, and children friendly event, so there
was no booze (woohoo). The even took other parents, families, people, nomads, and supporters. We we're able to celebrate our 10 years with the people that supported us all this time, the readers. On a personal note, I want to thank all the readers. There would be no point if people didn't read this stuff.

Below are some pictures, and I can cross off #26 of the 1001 Day Project.

by Rivers on Saturday, March 31, 2007 |


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