November 27, 2006

Course of Action

The day is Friday, and it's morning. My immediate reaction is to check my email. And I do have mail. There, is an email with yet another big decision for OldManRivers. I read away, and find out about a possible experience, that could shape me for the rest of my life. But isn't every moment like that?

My friend was asked to go to Mexico. Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico City. Unfortunately, he cannot go because of school. Something, that as of late, isn't on my list, at all. He instead put my name forward, and asked if I was interested to go. I called, spoke with him briefly, and found the contact information. Here is the choice:

A delegation of people are leaving for Mexico. Meet and build connections with the people down there, particularly the Indigenous peoples. The group leave on Dec. 5th, and is back on January 5th. 30 days. Spend days in Mexico City, Oaxaca, and Chiapas. Bring in the New Year with the Zapitistas. Need 1600$-2000$-quick.

Now, I don't know if I'll ever get over the fact that the gods like to play jokes on me, or testing me. Maybe it's Raven that's been following me around lately. Either way, I'm creating values, and affirms for me that I am on a right track. I just finished getting over one major decision in my life, and this seems like another big one. A chance to meet my heroes. The people who put a bit of hope in this world for a possible better future for the Indigenous peoples in Mexico, and here. A chance to learn from amazing people, and have a truly amazing experience.

The problem: Hawaii with my 3 sisters, my mother, my niece, and my grandmother leaving on Dec. 18th till 28th. Trip organized and planned by my mother for a few months. Now I wasn't to excited to go to Hawaii. Too over-rated and commercial for me. Why spend thousands of dollars helping the American economy, and the pimping of another Indigenous culture, which is a possible future for my own culture.

Now could there be two different extremes. Chiapas, one of the poorest states in Mexico, or Hawaii, a big huge shopping mall pimped out with beaches and surfing.

The irony is hilarious, I know. But what's really hard is the decision I have to make in the next 24 hours, or less. It's not the fact it's Hawaii that keeps Hawaii on the decision list, it's my family. To spend that quality time, the love language that tells me I'm loved. Oh the horror of making big decisions.

It was hard enough thinking about High School. Now it's on to getting a life and real education. I'm starting to think it never ends.

Any wisdom, guidence, enlightenment or sign's I should know about? I have to make a decision quick and I really need help.

by Rivers on Monday, November 27, 2006 |


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