November 26, 2006

Capilano's Mantle

A few inches of snow, lights flickering and the sweet feeling that, I am not as connected to the land as I wish I was. Early this morning, my fair village was rocked by a layer of snow. Few inches here, few there. But as sirens, power and people went for joy, or bonkers, I knew in my mind, myself, nor my people are primed for emergencies. If anything is to happen to the modern world in the future, earthquakes, black-outs, snow storms, floods, or some other strange circumstance, Vancouverites and Skwxwu7mesh are not well equipped for such a beautiful wonder.

I sat in my room looking out at the modern houses. The hydro powered houses with their patio's, sliding doors, windows, all products of colonization now, (but I guess I'm the only mad man ranting about that). I remember having a conversation with a friend and we talked about why our people are not living in longhouses anymore. Why isn't the architectural design based off of the dwelling that held our people strong for thousands of years. How assimilated are we eh.

A boy can dream. He can dream of anarchy. And the revolution. Even of having the best life in the future he can imagine. But can a boy dream of living in a longhouse. Having a life in a village. Thriving with family in a community of big houses made of cedar. Where all of this has cars, internet and phone connection. Perhaps one little boy can dream of a world he thrives, lives and has a home in. But can that happen for his people. A boy can have a vision, no? We'll see...
by Rivers on Sunday, November 26, 2006 |


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