September 15, 2006


Liberated yet?

the new, fresh and expanded blog by OldManRivers. a merger between his two previous blogs, he's left all that kiddy stuff behind to become a seriously fun blogger.

welcome. my new blog for fanatics, fellow bloggers, brothers, sisters, family, friends, allies, enemies, adversaries, and any people who just wish to hear one young man's voice. while i search for freedom of my mind, body and spirit, i journey for balance and understanding, in the slight hope of spreading my own light. top notch articles and posts only with great insight to things never thought or talked about. projects, dreams, idea's, questions, hopes, strengths, weaknesses, struggle(s), initiatives, actions, reactions, of OldManRivers all collide here in to a highway of thoughts unready for accidents, miracles and mysteries. leave comments with things that intrigue you, and feel free to email me

now presenting Liberated Yet?

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