February 7, 2009

Idea: Coming Soon

Starting tomorrow I'll be posting different "Idea"'s.  They are thoughts I have for projects, community events, notions, and spontaneous things that come into my mind.  Maybe I'm asking for those interested in working on it with me.  Perhaps I don't like doing things on my own (I think I might have to get over this because I'm slowly realizing that if I don't carve my own canoe, no one can take a journey with me.)

So, when I post an idea, post your thoughts.  Below each blog, it says " # Comments".  Share your thoughts with me on my idea's.  Have you thought of this idea already?  Does this idea spark interest?  Is this idea the coolest effin' thing you have heard of in a while.

Here is some fitting assurance for me, and for all idea-makers out there.

Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats.
- Howard H. Aiken

Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail. In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.
 - Alfred Whitney Griswold

Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.
 - Albert Einstein

All great ideas are controversial, or have been at one time.
 - George Seldes
by Rivers on Saturday, February 07, 2009 |


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