January 28, 2009

How I Connect to the World

Vancouver has some of the most saturated and monopolized media in Canada.  More then that, most of it doesn't follow many issues I care about, or uses sensationalism and violence to sell newspapers.  There is a couple exceptions, but for the most part, I don't connect with Vancouver, BC, or Canadian media.

Instead, I follow blogs.

I've been an Apple-fanatic for years.  Let's just say, I own my share of Apple products, and have convinced many family members to join too.  In my Mail program, and mostly likely yours too, you "subscribe" to RSS (Real Sim
ple Syndication) feeds.  It's a feed URL that I place in the program so that when a person who publishes content does publish it, it is automatically sent to me.  It's changes the relationship in how we access media.  Instead of me going to it, it comes to me, and at my choice.

I subscribe to dozens of blogs.  Art. Design. Life. Music. Photography. Politics. Technology.  Some of these are RSS feeds from 
media sources like The Georgia Straight, and magazines like Juztapoz, FADER, Democracy Now!, and others.  Some are collective projects like the Wooster Collective that documents and preserves street around from around the world.  I also have wonderful reads by friends like Chris Corrigan and Cliff Atleo Jr. who run their own blogs.

In a similar vein of media publishing, I subscribe to podcasts.  A podcast is an downloadable rad
io show that uses RSS feeds to publish it's syndicated and episodic content.  These range from music podcast from the Netherlands, to radio talk shows about Freelancer media design specialists.  (One idea I've been working with is a Sḵwx̱wú7mesh language podcast.)

This is all the means in which 21st century individuals access knowledge, information, people, and stories.  If we look back 20 years ago, it would of been through print, radio, or TV.  If we go back 400 years ago (in my home territory) it was through social feasts and potlatching where family stories are shared in connection to ceremonies being conducted or through snewiyalh, the instruction of our young people in our strongest wisdoms and teachings.  Where will it be 40 years from now, I wonder.

I've had the most wonderful experience with this blog.  In light of the recent controversy I created, it was wonderful to see feedback and comments come in, either through the comments section on this blog, or on facebook where my blogs are posted too.   Some of you reading this are people from my community who enjoy reading my thoughts 
on th
ings, or being updated to what is happening on our community.  Some of you are allies and supporters of the work I do.  And I know a couple of you are the RCMP, CSIS, or Police keeping a watchful eye one.  (Haha, I know your there!)  Aside from the last reader I mentioned, most people who contacted me and shared their support have given me a push to move forward in this thing called blogging.

I hope to integrate, and share the ability that can come from these new ways to access media.  There is creation and there is accessing.  There isn't as many people creating new media in 
content (news, information, knowledge, stories) from indigenous communities.  If I'm wrong about this, PLEASE leave a comment and tell me your blog! Haha.

One idea I thought would be cool is if the SN Council posted on a blog what their weekly meeting's agenda would be, plus, after they are decided, all the motions passed.  Even posting the Council meeting minutes in a pdf document to be viewable by the community.  It could then make everything easily accessible, and events coming up could be shared with the community and accessible over the internet.

Other forms that I am no where near touching yet are vlogging (video blogging), vodcasting (video podcasting), web 2.0 content (content created by the users/viewers), or micro-blogging (twitter).

There is a project I'm developing on community dialogue with a focus on youth empowerment.  I'm imagining using new media forms as a means to teach and share our work with our community and the world, but also as a way to document the stories, feelings, and strength of my community.  I hope to utilize all of the media forms mentioned in this blog post, and my experience in starting, running, and working on this blog has given me the inspiration to vision how it will all work.


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