December 8, 2008

Little Known Facts About the Squamish Nation

The Squamish Nation is an Indian Act organization with rules and guidelines mostly designated from the Indian Act, and some custom codes. It administrates programs, services, and economic development for it's status Indian membership, comprised of about 3400 members. It was imposed on Sḵwxwú7mesh, The-People-of-the-Sacred-Waters, in the early 1900's, but solidified in 1923 with the amalgamation. The amalgamation was the joining of what used to be separate reserves held in trust by the Department of Indian affairs for separate Sḵwxwú7mesh families. The Squamish Nation is not the nation of the Sḵwxwú7mesh people. It's an administration that is responsable to the Department of Indian Affairs, not to Sḵwxwú7mesh indigenous principles, values, or laws. Here are some little known facts about the "Squamish Nation".

  • It's annual budget is over 51 million dollars.
  • 11 million comes from Federal funds.
  • 40 million comes from own source revenue.
  • In 2003 it's budget was just over 33 million.
  • In 2002-3 it incurred a 5 million dollar deficit.
  • It has borrowed over 30 million from the banks since December 05.
  • The band council's yearly budget exceeds 1.5 million dollars.
  • More then 50% of that is on councilor wages.
  • The highest payed Councilor makes over $100'000.
  • 10 out of 16 Councilors have staff positions.
  • 5 new councilors were voted in in the last election.
  • In the last 3 years, the Band Council has payed for trips to Germany, China, New Zealand, Italy, and places in Canada.
  • The highest payed employee in the Squamish Nation earns over $200'000 yearly.
  • They are a Human Resources "Consultant".
  • I guess that means they are not really an "employee".
  • They are the only First Nation in Canada that elects it's band manager.
  • The Band Manager doesn't usually come to work.
  • So a Band Councilor is the "Acting-Band Manager".

If my people are not outraged by the situation with our people, then they are simply ignoring what is going on.


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