November 25, 2008

Review The Daily

The seasons are changing, and so is my blog.  Along with all these changes, I've been drawn to look at some of my writing from previous months.  Some of you may be new readers and haven't ventured into my archives.  Don't worry, here are some of my favorite posts that I've edited (damn grammar skills just not where I want it yet).  Enjoy!

The next thing I want to spend some time doing is re-looking some of the posts from the two blogs I used to write on and published that gave birth to Liberated Yet? They were called "en nta7awn i nekwelten" and "My Actions And Secrets". It will be exciting and refreshing to go back into the past and look at who I was back then, where I was coming from things, and how my ideology and idealism have been shaped over the years. Hey that's a good blog post right there: "The Forces That Shaped My Ideology and Idealism"


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