November 19, 2008

Indepedent Review...haha

I'm sitting on the Band Council chambers at the Squamish Nation band office. Today is a beautiful day. It's a beautiful day because I'm sitting in on today's meeting to "observe" how the band council works. Think of me as the voyeuristic nature filmmaker watching the animals in the wild. Will today be dealt with a ferocious ravaging of prey, or perhaps a delicate birth of a baby draff? Either way, it shall be interesting.

The Mission: Observe and learn about how the band council works
The Cover-Story: I've been hired by the people to do an indepdent review of band council proceedures and methods for doing business. Today I will be obsvering the band council in their weekly meeting to assertain the truth about how they work.

So, I thought I'd share this with all you, my blog readers, many of who are my people, and I'll post my "indepdent" findings.



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