June 25, 2008

The Journey

Over the past few weeks, it's been a fantastic time with my family and friends. I've been quiet from blogging, after my stint in blogging frequently, to now try to reconnect, in many ways. I've been to Los Angeles, Seattle, and head to Alert Bay, British Columbia soon. For those who don't know where that is, it's right here. On my grandmother's side I come from Namgis heritage. Directly out of the T`sit`sał’walagama’yi clan. More on this travels to come soon.

I'm also going to be traveling this summer on Tribal Journey's 2008 to Cowichan territory. I leave from Alert Bay on July 14th to land there on the 27th. Tribal Journey's started in 1989 and 1993 with the paddle to Bella Bella, BC. A challenge was put forth to sea-going indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast to revive and construct our ancient sea-going canoes and travel on our ancient sea highways. Our peoples responded and years later, there are hundreds of traditional cedar dug-out canoes. Every year a different nation hosts the Tribal Journey's, and the other nations travel along the coast to the host territory destination. It's a time to celebrate everything about being bakwam or stelmexw (Word for indigenous person in Kwak'wala and Skwxwu7mesh).

This year, I'll be traveling with my northern people, the Namgis. It will be a fun trip and I am highly looking forward to it. I am no where near prepared for this trip, but I will work hard from now till then.

This coming July, I'll also be turning 19 years old. (Shocking for some of you eh?). I'm still contemplating this, and what it means for me. More on this to follow.

The other announcement I have is I recently bought a Zoom H2 Digital Recording Device. It picks up amazing sound. I'm looking forward to starting new projects through Liberated Yet, as well as some other language projects. Very exciting work. This voice recorder will let me record the language, music, history, and even my own thoughts. (That's a hint of what's to come of it for you all too!)

Thanks everyone for reading my blog. I look forward to sharing more of my history, thoughts, and projects with you all. I'm looking towards a new direction for Liberated Yet? and I am always encouraged by people visiting, reading, and leaving comments on my website.

Thanks you all
by Rivers on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 |


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