May 28, 2008

Traditional Games Festival!

A good friend of mine passed this along to me.  Sharing the info with anyone interested.

Gilakas’la Nał’na̱mwiyut! Greetings Relatives!

The ‘Na̱mgis are inviting all Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw tribes
and our Mowachaht relatives to a festival of
Traditional Games!

Starting Canada Day July 1st - 2nd
Alert Bay Big House and Soccer Field

Games to be featured:

Alax̱wa (Lahal)
Xwaxwatsa̱ma (Indian Baseball)
K̕aḵ̕ap̓a (Bow and Arrow Shooting)
Sa̱kap̓a (Spearing Kelp with Salmon Berry Spears)
‘Mama̱x̱wsa̱ma (Stone Putting)
Ḵaḵaxa̱ta̱wa (Throwing Willow Hoops)
(proposed games to date)

For more information call:
Yvonne Wilson
Don Svanvik (250) 974-5819
William Wasden Jr. (250) 974-5403
Bill Wasden Sr. (250) 974-8108

Small entrance fees to enter competitions and prizes will be awarded to the winners. A healthy concession will be available with reasonable prices. The Big House will be available for sleeping as well as patrolled tenting in the surrounding area. All proceeds will go towards the ‘Na̱mgis canoes traveling to Duncan for the Tribal Journey 2008. Please come and support!

Gilakas’la - Hope to see you here!


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