May 19, 2008

The Beast

I was thinking about it today while I was out for a walk.

In one possible scenario, a good leader awakens, becomes a band councilor or band manager, and manages to create some reform. But for me this still leaves out a big part of the struggle. This struggle against the corruption and greed of the politicians goes beyond our own petty disagreements or even our own petty desires of "equality, fairness, etc.".

It goes on to the big beast of an enemy our people have been fighting since day 1: colonialism. And no reform of the system we have engaged right now, albeit good reform, will put us in a position to defeat that beast.

Mainly because one of the things our ancestors failed to see and do was a strategy the people. An achievable strategy that could tear down what was in our collective path? That thing is bringing the people together, to mobilize, in collective strength, and work together to defeat these things.

I'm realizing now that this is the reason no reform will work. Not now, not in a 100 years. We have to mobilize together, as the people. If we reform the system, we leave the people out of it, and we continue on wallowing in our defeat from assimilation. We create conditions of complacency. Yeah sure, we may produce a few good leaders, just like the previous one did. But as we have seen, even these good leaders are not impervious to co-optation and corruption.
But a people? A people organized and revitalized in a great society with all our collective strengths working together. That cannot be compromised. A single soul maybe, but a collective people, perhaps not.

That's where we have go. That's where we need to be right now. If we want to achieve something for our people, it'll be bringing them together to fight this beast.


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