April 11, 2007

Ask Me

To the readers of Liberated Yet?:
To the readers of OldManRivers:

My first introduction of blogging came from a few friends, and as my friend noted to me, from someone else I believe, "When I had a journal, I was afraid someone would read it. Now that I have a blog, I'm afraid no one will read it." This is incredibly true, although, I'm not that afraid. I do want to thank all the people checking out my blog, for what ever reasons, even if you some how through the cosmos of the web found your way here. I've noticed people linking my blog to other sites, and passing on the URL and what I say/write here. I really do thank you. It's gratifying and reassuring that someone out there is reading what I spew out (after lots of, sometimes enormous amounts of, thought).

Come check out the blog every so often. Also on the bottom right corner, where it says "subscribe", you can insert your email and receive updates every time I post a blog. Then below that, under "extra", I have the RSS feed. This can be put into Google Personalized Pages, or other RSS feed readers (I use them to keep track of all the blogs I watch). And also don't be afraid to leave comments under each post. Below each post, "no comment" appears for viewers to leave messages, comments, add-ons, or otherwise for the article/blog posts I leave. The more feedback I get, the better.

Back on one of my old blogs where I first started going, I started a column that I feel like reviving and since I have more visitors coming now, would probably be a more success. So, as of now, I am not returning:

Here's how it work:

You send question to:
You send in the question's, I answer them to what I think. It's quite simple and gives people the chance to ask me what I think about this (Who I think should get voted off American Idol to Who I like the most from America's Next Top Model to who I hate and love on Laguna Beach). You send the questions, I answer.

Again, thanks for visiting or reading my blog. Keep coming, pass on the word, send me emails and questions.

Health to you all,

[Edit: Email address change]]


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