January 31, 2007
With all this 2010 hub hub, isn't there some room to wonder, "What do the people who's land I'm squatting on think or feel?" Or is that pedantic criticism...

Irrelevant, yes no?
But of course we have elders getting thrown in jail, she's Skwxwu7mesh, and it's not like the band council (my mother) speaks for the people. I'm going to ask my mother to come to the anti-2010 rally.

Like I said, I can't speak for my people, but most people who are into the Olympics, are excited. Make money. Cultural opportunities. LinkCapitalist job opportunities. Vocation in providing your family. And morals? What morals. These peoples grandparents had their morals and principles beaten out of them years ago, and they were never raised with it.

But that's the thing about my people, we don't want to take side. We want to find a win-win situation. We want to collaborate so both our peoples can work something out. We want to sit on the fence. We want to be HUMBLE. We want to not take a stand, well, maybe a little stand, but not a big one.

There is some paradox to this whole decolonization thing going on. But maybe I'll be 1 of 10'000 people to plant a tree of tomorrow.

A confused and lost young man....


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