December 3, 2006

Guerrilla Snowboader

OldManRivers has had heavy (Just wanted to do three "h"'s) thoughts about picking up and doing something he dreaded, well, more like out right feared. A physical fear which can is specific to myself, but yet millions of other people can do it. Fear of heights? Fear of snakes? Not for OldManRivers. What would that fear be, something that he could challenge and have an amazing experience because, let's not forget what OldManRivers likes: fast, dangerous, and adventurous.

Enter: Snowboarding. A sport and exercise that pulls speed, intelligence and down right insanity. There are crazier people out there then me, (or I like to think so), but when the end of Summer 06 came, I felt I needed to triumph a fear. A physical fear and something that would potentially make me stronger. The short story: I did it. And man o' man is it fun.

It's official: OldManRivers' new hobby is Snowboarding.

P.S Snowboard( #25) is completed

- To All Jedi's, Aspiring Jedi's or Wannabe Jedi's: We now have a Guerrilla Snowboarder ready for covert ops.

by Rivers on Sunday, December 03, 2006 |


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