November 21, 2006

Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!

Trains. Cops. And Lights. Oh the blinding lights. Where are you Luna? Where are you Leo? I can barely see you. No dust in here. But a man can shoot for the moon right? What's the worst that can happen, he ends up with the stars? Sounds good too me. Before I make my aimless journey to bed, hopefully to sleep, I had to make note of my impromtu credo for this week, and could move further, we'll see. After channel surfing through, nothing, after looking up useless information, on, nothing, after, doing, nothing, I have to do something different because I am doing the same thing, and getting the same thing. (I believe that is called insanity) My choice as of right now is:
  • NO TV
  • NO COMPUTER (Art, work, research and communication excluded)
I was going to make a date, but, nah. I'll just go and see how far I get, then fall, then get myself back up again. I find having these goals, and points to reach a little pedantic (Yes! Always wanted to use that in a sentence!) Just go for it, and leave it at all. Like a 14 year smoker, a 12 year old alcoholic, and a what ever year TV freak, I'm going cold turkey. I would get the cable disconnected completely, but I have yet to liberated my sister. (She's been couped up and so TV is the only thing where she feels the disillusion of liberation. Yes, yes, I've been there too.) Ask me how I'm going. I may need the reminder.

*Photo taken from Google when I typed in "Minimalism"


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