October 19, 2006

Indigenius Contemplation

Sorting out the paradox that is our mind can help levitate a lot of worldly things going on. As there is no ordinary moments, it just fulfilling to question, and hopefully answer those questions. In the spirit of "growing" and "living", I stumbled upon an idea. The idea, which apparently is based off Leonardo Da Vinci, is essentially about contemplation. You might see something similar of this in the next issue of Redwire Magazine.

The Idea!
The idea is to take your mind, and put it to work. Write down one-hundred questions as they come into your head. From "Why is the sky blue?" to "What would I be if I wasn't affraid?", it's about any question that comes to mind. Once you've written all one hundred, you take the top ten, and sort them in order of the ones that really jump out at you the most. Once you have that final #1 question, you write it down on a piece of paper, take it to a spot you feel more relaxed and comfortable, and contemplate that question.

Below is my one hundred questions plus the top ten.

100 Questions by OldManRivers

1. What is my purpose in life?
2. Why would happen if I wasn't afraid?
3. Who do I look more like, mom or dad?
4. Where does my ancestry go back to?
5. Who are all my noble ancestors?
6. What is humility?
7. How does one show humility?
8. Is world real?
9. What happens after death?
10. What happened before life?
11. Who will I meet today?
12. Who has changed my life?
13. Is this worth the struggle?
14. Why not give up in the fight and live happily?
15. What makes something sacred?
16. What am I afraid of?
17. What do I want?
18. Why do I want what I want?
19. Who wants me?
20. What do I want to be?
21. What do I want to do?
22. What do I want to have?
23. What is stopping me from getting what I want?
24. What can I do to get over what ever is stopping me?
25. Who are my top 10 supporters?
26. Who are my top 10 allies?
27. Why do I break my commitments?
28. What do I value?
29. What are my principles?
30. What are my morals?
31. What do I stand for?
32. How can I create balance in my life?
33. How can I be more confident?
34. How can I be more determined?
35. What do I love about me?
36. What do I not love about me?
37. If I had a clone, would we like each other?
38. What do I need to change about me?
39. What needs to stop in my life?
40. What needs to stop in my community?
41. What needs to start in my life?
42. What needs to start in my community?
43. Do I trust myself?
44. What are my greatest memories?
45. What is the one thing I want to accomplish before I die?
46. What do I want to be remembered for?
47. What would all these questions be if they were in my language?
48. Who do I want to grow into?
49. What would I name myself?
50. What is a skwxwu7mesh warrior?
51. What is a skwxwu7mesh siyam?
52. Where does emotions come from? (Heart?)
53. What is my power?
54. What is my strength?
55. When will I go into the forest?
56. What needs to happen for me to change my life?
57. Who are my adversaries?
58. Who are my enemies?
59. What do I want to do after I graduate?
60. What are five things I want to learn more about?
61. Who is the most important person in my life?
62. What message do I want people to know?
63. What is the noble way?
64. How is one humble?
65. What am I angry about?
66. What job/position do I want to take to help my people?
67. What are the jobs and positions that my ancestors held?
68. Who has influenced me in my life?
69. Who have I influenced?
70. If I was about to die, and I had one chance left to sing about my existence in this life, what would that song be?
71. What is one thing I need to understand about myself more?
72. Free will or fate?
73. Karma of grace of god?
74. My biggest regret is?
75. My hobbies are?
76. Is god dead?
77. Poly or monotheistic?
78. God, Creator, Father, Lord, or what?
79. Who are your heroes?
80. If my ancestors allowed their children to go to residential school, knowing what was going on inside, and still do nothing about, why do my parents allow their children to go through the colonial education system, knowing what is going on inside?
81. What is it that my people need most?
82. What businesses would I like to create?
83. The best thing about me is?
84. Why are indigenous people buying back stolen land?
85. 500 missing indigenous women and the men are doing, what?
86. The language is dying and why is there still nothing happening?
87. Why are the leaders collaborating with the oppressors for our freedom?
88. What kind of governance would work for 3'500 people?
89. If you could lead a revolution, what and who would that revolution be for?
90. What do I love most about my siblings?
91. What are the things that my parents did to me when raising me that I would never do to my children?
92. What would the best birthday be?
93. What would be the most ironic way for me to die?
94. What would be the most iconic way for me to die?
95. What the most pressing issues to be dealt with in the community?
96. What are the 3 most important things in my life?
97. Why is the sky blue?
98. Is there any hope for humanity?
99. Evil is?
100. What is really outside this world/plain of existence?


The Top 10

1. What needs to happen for me to change my life?
2. What do I need to change about me?
3. What would happen if I wasn't afraid?
4. What is humility?
5. What am I afraid of?
6. What do I love about me?
7. What do I not love about me?
8. What needs to stop in my life?
9. What needs to start?
10. What is the noble way?

I have been contemplating the number one question that strikes a note with me. I hope to take the time to committ myself and dedicate myself to contemplating "What needs to happen for me to change my life?"


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